First post

This is my first post.
I feel like I should’ve blogged before now. I’m a nerd, so you’d think I would’ve. Maybe if I’d set up a blog before now I would have gotten ‘don’t panic’, ‘do panic’, ‘exterminate’ or any of the dozen or so other domains that I tried before this one (almost all of which were Douglas Adams or Nikola Tesla related)

Anyway, that’s all I needed to say for now. Next post will probably be about my robot (a remote controlled electric wheelchair called Les), my 3D printer (or stuff that I’ve designed and printed), or how much I love Atomic Robo (quite a lot, actually)


2 thoughts on “First post

    • Hi, glad you liked the site. I prefer not to hand out my email for unsolicited contact, but I’m happy to take any comments or questions through the site.

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