Chicken wing gyouza – the great eatening.

After a week in the freezer, alongside their compatriots in Shaun’s Great Frozen Gyouza Army, some of the chicken wing gyouza were defrosted and devoured today. One word summary: Awesome.


To elaborate: eating a chicken wing gyouza is a completely different experience to eating either a chicken wing or a gyouza. You bite into the meaty upper part of the wing with gusto, enjoying the mouth feel that you just don’t get with your standard,  fiddly chicken wing. You also get the fatty, sweet chicken flesh and skin, followed by the lean, herbaceous gyouza mix of pork, cabbage and garlic.

God I love gyouza. I wasn’t sure if these count as gyouza or chicken wings, but… god I love them.

So they must be gyouza.



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