Ultrasonic sensor mounts for the robot

With my 3D printer back online, I printed some mounting brackets for the ultrasonic sensors for my robot.


As you can see, I printed 2 foot mounted brackets and 2 face mounted brackets, to suit the mounting rails available on the powerchair base. The brackets have retaining clips built in (which I refined over the course of the four print jobs seen above).

These brackets are posted on thingiverse, if you’d like a copy of the stl files:


I used HC-SR04 sensors, because they are cheap, and commonly used for arduino projects.

Downsides of ultrasonic sensors are:

-slow response (relatively speaking. When it takes 30ms for the ping to return to the sensor and your control system needs to be doing other things at the same time, it can cause problems)
-interference (multiple ultrasonics operating at once can cause false readings)

I intend to overcome the interference issue by physical separation and direction on the sensors (they are very directional). For the slow response, I’m building a cheap circuit which will (hopefully) take care of the Pinging and provide an analogue output directly to my arduino… watch this space.

I’ll post some photos once I finish wiring up the sensors, at the moment I only have one connected using jumper cables, for testing.


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