Baby’s First Graph

This evening, I was curious about what my unborn child was up to, and my wife said that it was wriggling a bit.

“Wriggling a bit”, is it? I’ve never had someone growing inside me, so unfortunately I don’t really know what an awesome baby “wriggling a bit” feels like. So like any engineer, I defaulted to graphing it.

With one of the many free Accelerometer Logging apps on the android app store, I started taking some measurements. The baby at this point wasn’t doing much, but I perservered (sorry: WE persevered… through this my wife kindly sat propped up with my mobile phone perched on her belly while I tried to get a reading).

Side note: I remarked on how interesting it was to watch the Sine wave rising and falling on the Z accelerometer as my wife was breathing. She asked how I knew what the different wave(form)s looked like. I was nonplussed. “Do you not?”

It’s not the baby’s FIRST kick, but here is the baby’s first RECORDED kick:


Baby's First Graph

The blip indicated as “A” was the kick (a nice clear, smooth blip), followed shortly after (section marked “B”) by the shaking as my wife told me that the baby had kicked. Yes it’s a legitimate reading, I saw the phone and belly tremor slightly with the kick, and I saw the blip as it happened.

My wife said that I looked more ecstatic about this than I was the first time I felt it kick. That’s not true, they are both very different milestones, and the first time I felt it kick was very special.

…but this WAS pretty exciting.


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