Ideal Mayonaise

To (mis)quote William Shatner:

Don’t change ’cause you think I might like you to be different, Kewpie
I fell in love with you

Yes, Kewpie now comes in wasabi flavour, and I’m ambivalent.

20140820_200524I’m not sure how long Kewpie have been producing this mayo, so forgive me if I’m behind the times. It’s not like your typical wasabi mayonnaise, normally you get mayonnaise with a hint of flavour. This mayonnaise has a strong (but not melt-your-nose strength) flavour of wasabi, so you probably wouldn’t want to go too heavy with it. Not surprising that it has a decent kick, it’s got 1% wasabi oil in it (more actual wasabi than is in most wasabi pastes, I think) and plenty of horseradish.

On the one hand, I applaud Kewpie for embracing the 21st century and keeping it interesting by putting out something for all the foodies (wasabi flavoured things that aren’t wasabi seem to be all the rage, this century), but on the other hand… Well, I like Kewpie. I don’t need any fancy tricks. If I want Kewpie, I want Kewpie. If you want to know what I’m talking about look up the song “Ideal Woman”, by William Shatner.

And if you had to look up Ideal Woman to know what I was talking about, maybe you should just buy the whole record: “Has Been”. Why should you do so? One reason: William God-Damn Shatner, that’s why.


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