Excel 2010 – Autofill Series not working with filtered columns

Here’s a fiddly little feature of Excel 2010 which really gives me the irrits. If you have applied a Filter to columns in your spreadsheet, and you have then filtered by one or more of the columns, you can no longer use Autofill. I don’t know why this is a thing that must happen, but it just seems to be the way that the Microsoft decided we must want it to work.

And frankly, it’s our own fault for not wanting to do things the way Microsoft think we should want to do things, right?

here’s an example:

started list

Let’s say I’ve started a simple list, and I want to Autofill one of the columns…

autofill works

Autofill works just fine. And isn’t it a useful feature?

filter working

Now let’s say I’ve applied a filter first… still works okay.

filter not working 1

But imagine I’ve had the audacity to filter out one or more of the rows first… see that pop-up text… impending stupidity.

filter not working 2

Argh! Why do you have to be so stupid?!

I just thought I’d share this, because when I first decided to look into weird issues with Auto Fill not working, I couldn’t actually find ANY pages saying “by the way, if you filter your columns, Auto Fill won’t work”. Typical of the internet: a hundred pages explaining how to use the most basic features (i.e. “if you drag the little dot at the corner, you can autofill data in a series”), but not one easily accessible hint regarding unusual issues.

Stupid Excel.

No I didn’t mean that, baby, you know I love you!


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