Salt and Pepper Chickenwings


Here’s a tasty recipe for chicken wings, based on a tasty salt and pepper squid recipe. Let’s face it, you could do this to any meat and it would be great.

   1.5kg chicken wings
   Plain flour for coating
   2 tsp ginger powder
   2 tsp salt
   2 tsp chicken stock
   2 tsp ground celery seeds
   2 tsp chinese five spice
   Oil for shallow frying (I used rice bran oil)

   Cut chicken wings in half (separating at the elbow joint), to get lower wings and drumettes.
   Coat wings in flour.
   Heat oil in pan over a high heat (enough to shallow fry, a few millimeters deep).
   Fry chicken wings until golden brown and cooked through.
   Place wings in a bowl, sprinkle with seasoning to taste (you shouldn’t need all of the spice mix), and toss to mix through.
   Serve and eat.

Portions listed serve one (if you are doing it right!)… or appetizers for a dozen people.


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